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What’s with the video ? I like to travel, hike, swim, etc.

You like to surf, ski, explore, cook, garden, etc.

So as an artist I like doing art of people enjoying their favorite sport, activity, hobby, etc. 

Our clients say

Our number one caricaturist

When you work with an entertainer for as long as we have worked with Michael Garisek, it should be obvious that you are pleased with their work, professionalism and talents.  He is a pleasure to work with and has always received rave reviews from our clients. And we trust him to handle some of our biggest clients, from Disney to Google. And beyond his talents as an artist, the added bonus is that he is extremely prompt and efficient and can handle a significant volume of guests during the prescribed time period. Without him, we would be searching for a while to find someone who can fill his shoes so well.

Also  with Michael, it goes way beyond him being the number one guy we call when we need A caricature artist.  Our faith in him is so strong that we don’t just call him when we need  (1) one caricature artist, we call and ask his help in securing all our caricature artists ( I think the most we requested at one time was seven, but it could be more). March 16th,  2018


Rob Hilburn Senior Event Manager James Event Productions

Two Words THE BEST!!!!

Some caricature artists exaggerate people's flaws in an effort to be comical. When Mike draws, he finds what is beautiful in each person and exaggerates their physical strengths - all while magically capturing the essence of each individual.--- And he does it FAST! Mike was truly the hit of my event as more than one guest told me that they were going to take their caricature home and hang it on their walls. If you need THE BEST caricature artist - you have just found him. I plan on booking him again and again

Michelle P. Owner, Discover Emerging Artists, Laguna Beach, Ca.


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